Take time to relax into it! In this workshop Deniz takes you through a nourishing 2h class of gentle breathing, restorative stretches, guided relaxation and vibrational vocal healing.

Stress, built-up tension and undigested emotions lie at the root of both physical disease and emotional unease or unhappiness. In our busy lives we hardly find the time to rest and digest all our experiences, emotions and thoughts. Or if we do make time for ourselves, we realize that we don't really know how to take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves and release what's weighing us down. This workshop is packed with exercises that help us to release and restore physically, emotionally and mentally.
Deep relaxation helps us to slow down, release tension from our bodies and digest the images in our subconscious mind. As we consciously begin to let go, body awareness and mindfulness increase. The more we relax while remaining awake, the more our mind comes to the present moment. As such, purposeful relaxation not only balances the nervous system and restores the body, it also facilitates a deeper connection with ourselves where we can rest in a state of simply Being. Here and now. This is the deepest rest our mind can get.
​Join this workshop to relax, digest, rejuvenate and heal. You'll feel rested and balanced after class. Take home with you exercises that prevent burn-out, reduce anxiety, ease depression and generally restore your emotional well-being and happiness.



vrijdag 29 maart 2019, 19u00 – 21u30

Locatie: Yoga Yina, Beekstraatkouter 78, 9031 Drongen (inkom via de rechterzijde van het huis)

Prijs: € 35,-

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